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Benefits of Canada Purple Shield

Peace of Mind

Obviously, the biggest benefit of a plan with Canada Purple Shield is relieving your loved one of financial stress and burden at the time of one’s passing. Cash is immediately available to help pay for expenses. A completed planning guide will provide vital information your family will need to make many of the difficult decisions and red tape they will face. Our plans will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes and final expenses are looked after.

Inflation Protection

Canada Purple Shield plans increase over time to protect against inflation.

Tax-free Benefits

Our plans accumulate with tax-free interest growth when sponsored by a funeral home. At the time of one’s passing, the money is paid out tax-free as well.

Your Estate

The money in your Purple Shield plan also bypasses your estate. That means nothing is tied up at that tough time. The money is paid immediately to your family or funeral home.


At the time of one’s passing, let us take care of the paper work. Purple Shield, along with your local funeral director, will look after all the details.


We are the oldest and largest funeral funding company in the world. All of our products are protected by the Canadian Life and Health Compensation Corporation, better known as Assuris.

To learn more about our products and plans, contact us at Canada Purple Shield today.

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